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Published on 30 November -1 in Business
Carla Selby (author)

Carla Selby

SOAR Co-Working Owner, Paula Blair and her husband Geoff

SOAR Co-Working Owner, Paula Blair and her husband Geoff

SOAR Co-Working is a creative community of independent workers, virtual employees, road warriors and pajama workers, working together to achieve maximum productivity in a professional environment with a cafe feel. Founded in 2017, SOAR Co-Working is conveniently located in New Tampa at 17491 Commerce Park Blvd., Suite 103

Co-working is spreading fast across Tampa Bay! 

With so many people freelancing, a rising number of entrepreneurs choosing to work for themselves, and with big corporate companies offering more work-from-home positions, there's a big need for a workplace beyond Starbucks or the living room couch.

"I’m a project manager at heart and on paper, and have spent many hours working with teams and alone. SOAR was born from brainstorming with smart, humble and hungry friends. I found out what they’ve experienced, what they enjoyed the most, what services they needed, and how they produced their most amazing work,” said Paula Blair,  owner and founder of SOAR Co-working. "We exist to help boost the performance of the independent worker and entrepreneur by providing the perfect space to focus, create and collaborate. SOAR is all about setting the stage for you to produce amazing work.”

Local cafes and coffee shops are constantly full of people who could work from home but prefer not to. They are frustrated with the slow and insecure wi-fi and only having access to a limited number of power outlets, and they sometimes find it hard to be productive in such a busy and distracting environment. 

I do not know about you, but I believe coffee shops can be very distracting places to work or study, as they can get crowded and loud very fast. And working from home can be equally as challenging.

As a freelance and independent worker myself, I find it extremely hard to focus or get a lot of things done when I choose to work from home. I usually wake up later than I should, go straight to the couch, open my laptop and start working… in my pajamas. But soon enough the multiple home distractions start to hit me; I need to do laundry, I should clean the kitchen and wow I should really rearrange my closet! And let’s not get into having 24/7 access to your fridge… I have gained quite a few pounds since I started working at home in my comfy sweats. 

Working from home can also be quite hard if you have a little one, or two, or three (you get the point.) Have you tried studying or working on an important project with a couple of kids in the house? I have! And let me tell you, it is nearly impossible to focus and get anything done unless someone else is there to watch over them, and still, can affect your concentration. 

SOAR offers a solution to the problem of lack of concentration and possible isolation that many people experience while working at home, while at the same time letting them escape the many distractions that keep you from being truly productive at home. "We solve these issues by providing a professional and inspiring place where people can create and collaborate,” said Paula.

SOAR is SOARING with 5 star reviews! 

Bria Gilmore says “SOAR offers such a refreshing environment that takes "work from home" to such a new level. I'm among a wide variety of professionals who I can learn so much from. This is my first time to work in a space like this, and I have to say that it has met or exceeded every expectation I've had thus far. While they are still working out the typical kinks here and there, the warm and welcoming team at SOAR is always open to hearing suggestions and welcome feedback. I get excited about coming in to work from here!”

“This place is awesome. Not your run of the mill cookie cutter office space,” says reviewer Bill Sullivan. “If you want to hold training with coworkers or do a presentation with a client. This is a space that will impress! It you just need a productive space to work, and not deal with the distractions of home or the noise and carousel of distractions at the local coffee shop, Soar Co-Working is a place you can do your best work, and be professional. Think it’s not affordable.. think again, can you put a price on productivity.”

While another reviewer, Melanie Quattrone, shares "The offices and work spaces are nicely decorated, very clean, and have a great atmosphere. The receptionist I met was friendly and helpful.  Professionals and clients would be very comfortable working and meeting here."

Workspace Options - Everybody Loves Options, Right?

Whether you need to visit occasionally or daily, SOAR has a plan for you. 

Shared Space: Perfect when you need to SOAR more than 7 times a month, need flexible work hours or can take advantage of the 33% meeting room discount. 

Dedicated Desk: Love a spot? Make it yours! You get the shared space package PLUS a designated desk and locking filing cabinet, including signage that it’s reserved. It will always be there… waiting just for you. 

Executive Offices: the executive offices are beautiful and roomy, the space is limited so if you want one, act now! Each executive office comes with a lock on the door, the same benefits that come with the shared space package and a great desk. *No lease required* 

Meeting Rooms: SOAR offers affordable meeting rooms which are perfect if you’re looking to host a private meeting, training, department retreats and more! Hourly rates for the public range from $27 - $35, but if you’re a package owner the pricing goes down significantly. Reserving and paying in advance guarantees you access to these great meeting rooms. The hourly rate is 33% less for those with the shared space package, a dedicated desk or an executive office. 

All SOAR plans include:

  • Secure and fast Wi-Fi
  • Convenient power for charging equipment
  • Access to the printer/copier 
  • Access to the kitchen
  • Cold water
  • Hot coffee and tea
  • 24/7 work hours
  • Input into and attendance at Meet-Ups on topics chosen by Package holders (WordPress, QuickBooks, SharePoint, CEO roundtables)
  • 33% discount on rental of a Day Office, Meeting Room, or the entire SOAR suite. 
  • Inclusion in the Co-Worker's Directory
  • A Personal Mailbox Number

Incredible $99 Special - Sign up now for your Shared Space Package and your 1st month is only 99$! Use Coupon TBNEWS before 3-15-18.

Day Pass Only - $20 / Day

These day passes are extremely beneficial and convenient if you only need to hang out occasionally. You get secure and fast wi-fi access, convenient power for charging your equipment, access to the open co-working area from 9am to 5pm, access to the printer / copier (additional charges after 30 pages) access to the kitchenette, cold water, hot coffee and tea. 

Interested? Well, of course you are! SOAR offers unbeatable prices and the best features in a beautiful professional building. The quickest way to get in touch with Paula is calling 813-498-1932 or emailing her at

SOAR Co-Working is located at 17401 Commerce Park Blvd., Suite 103, Tampa, FL 33647. For questions or concerns please email You can schedule a tour or test drive with a day pass by going logging on to



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  • SOAR Co-Working Owner, Paula Blair and her husband Geoff

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