For 10 years, Infinite Edge gives kids the academic edge

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Does your child have the potential to earn a perfect score on a standardized test? Want to find out?

Or is your child struggling and in need of personal attention to be successful in school?

Whether your child is already a high achiever who wants to soar to top heights academically, or if your child needs some extra help from an expert who can assess how he or she can best overcome difficulties to achieve the loftiest goals, the professionals at Infinite Edge Learning Center can help.

Infinite Edge Learning Center is located in Tampa Palms and specializes in customized, one-on-one lessons for all subjects for students in grades kindergarten through 12, and some college. The center has been family owned and operated since it first opened more than a decade ago.

Ozra Jabbari, who both owns and manages the center, works with an experienced staff of about 18 educators to ensure that every student who comes in gets the individual attention they require to get ahead in a specific subject. A wide variety of subjects are taught, from elementary school to challenging college-level classes. 

“We help students in every class and every subject,” says Ozra. “All of our tutors work here part-time, because the majority are professional teachers or college professors. Our staff is matched with specific students who need help catching up or want to push ahead in any and all subjects.”

Ozra’s mission is to empower each student to maximize his or her fullest academic potential through highly accurate assessment and focused achievement.

“We teach enrichment math and English programs for those advanced students who are not challenged enough,” Ozra says. “We teach them two to three years ahead of their class, so by the time they are in high school they already know a lot of college material.”

Ozra and her team determine each student's academic strengths and challenges via assessment. They establish a grade equivalency and standardized score to pinpoint areas that require special attention and improvement, and then design a completely individualized, student-based learning intervention strategy or curriculum of instruction. 

For a student, getting personalized attention they don't get in a crowded classroom can make a huge difference in their grades. 

"Each lesson is a private, one-on-one session with a teacher, which lasts a full 60 minutes,” says Ozra. “We focus on any specific area of need, and also continuously assess the student’s progress to maximize achievement, as well as retention and comprehension of academic knowledge."

Ozra and her late husband Sobi Jabbari opened Infinite Edge Learning Center in 2007. Sobi passed away about a year ago after a battle with throat cancer. Ozra is keeping his legacy alive by continuing to provide the superior services that have always been offered at Infinite Edge to the students Sobi cared so much about.

The Jabbari family has lived in Tampa Palms for more than 20 years. Ozra and Sobi’s daughter, Farnush, is a sophomore at nearby Freedom High School. Their son, Koroush, is an honor student at USF, where he is pursuing both a Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine degree.

Home of the perfect SAT

Infinite Edge Learning Center is known as the “home of the perfect SAT,” thanks to a tradition of coaching students into remarkable – yes, even perfect – scores on the SAT and ACT.

"We have had multiple students get a perfect score,” Ozra says, noting that every time Infinite Edge students take the standardized test, they have at least one perfect score.

Their formula for success includes starting with a diagnostic assessment, then an individual course of instruction is developed for that particular student. Then, Ozra says, “each session is exclusively one-on-one and our students are guaranteed to receive personalized instruction that capitalizes on their potential and addresses their individual needs.”

The main issue Ozra encounters is that many parents wait too long to start thinking about the SAT or ACT. She believes that if students haven't started preparing for these tests by their junior year, it will undercut their potential for maximum scores. 

A full test preparation program at Infinite Edge Learning Center can take several months. Cramming all that information in a few weeks won’t yield the same results. "A student needs to have a good foundation, and start preparing sooner rather than later," says Ozra. "We recommend one-on-one, customized test preparation. But we also offer group courses, which have no more than six students, and are a more affordable option to prepare for the tests."

“I love Infinite Edge,” says Corbin Ryan from Freedom High School. “The SAT tutors have some of the greatest minds I have ever met. They helped me a lot in improving my SAT scores and preparing for both SAT Math and English.”

The success of her students definitely brings Ozra happiness. "I am very proud of my students,” she says. “When it comes to the end of the year and they're getting good grades and high test scores, it brings me happiness. It is also very gratifying to hear them say 'thank you' for all we've done for them."

Why choose Infinite Edge?

Ozra strongly encourages anyone looking for academic help to check out the local options, and be sure to compare apples to apples. While Infinite Edge offers one-on-one, customized help for each individual.

“Infinite Edge Learning Center is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me,” says Anoud Fetais. “I honestly don’t know how I’d get straight As in school if it wasn’t for Mr. Jabbari and Ozra. Coming here helped keep up with my work and also made me ahead in my classes. I never knew I needed to strengthen my math until I got here. They helped me catch up in math and master it. Thank you, Infinite Edge Learning Center, for making me want to strive to success!”

Infinite Edge Learning Center in Tampa Palms is located at 17419 Bridge Hill Ct., across from Freedom High School in Tampa Palms. For more information, call them at 813-971-6500 or visit

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