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Published on 14 May 2015 in Business

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Jim & Elaine Trotter

Jim & Elaine Trotter

What a pleasure it was to meet Elaine and Jim Trotter, owners of the Budget Blinds franchise conveniently located at 1208 W. Fletcher Avenue between Rome Avenue and North Boulevard. Their showroom is easy to spot, as they are set just behind newlyopened Marco’s Pizza, which recently leased their building on the street side of Trotter Terrace. Elaine explained that in 2008, their Budget Blinds showroom was originally situated in Land O’ Lakes, where the two of them started to live their dream of escaping corporate America by owning their own business and giving back to the community. After a few years of honing their craft, they developed a thriving business and finally outgrew their facilities. Having found the North Tampa location to be much more capable of serving their growing clientele within Pasco County, Springhill and Brooksville et al and a large part of Hillsborough County, they moved to their new location on W. Fletcher Avenue in 2012. 
What a boon for our area, as they have expanded from three to fourteen employees since then! And now, I understand, they are in the process of opening a second location in the Riverview area within the next few months to optimize their presence in the southern portions of Hillsborough County as well. By the way, there’s still 3500 square feet available in the center of the Trotter Terrace complex should you want to pursue your own entrepreneurial dreams and are looking to start a small business in the area! Talk to Jim and Elaine– they are pros! 

Budget Blinds

Budget Blinds

There are four consultants on staff who can help you to envision the possibilities for your home. First, they can address your specific needs in the well-appointed showroom and/or secondly, they are poised to assess your space on site, taking into account the following criteria: Fashion and style, Heat, Solar, Privacy and Glare control. Elaine quickly noted, “We have a solution for every window and a style for every budget, as well.” Once a novelty, it seems that motorization has become a lifestyle here in Florida, ergo, programmable window coverings are also available to address any proximity or security issues that you may have. So if you have a window treatment dilemma, you will certainly want to give Budget Blinds of Greater Tampa a call at (813)968-5050. 
Remember, window coverings are often considered an investment in your home. For instance, did you know that shutters will actually add to the appraisal value of your property? Being under the Budget Blinds umbrella, the franchise owners have substantial buying power with forty different vendors. As a result, they are able to offer you great options, prices and warranties not seen anywhere else in the industry! Just ask them about their 5-year “No Questions Asked” Warranty Program for their PureVu® and Norman® shutters. You’ll see that it’s quite impressive. 
Here’s the amazing thing, though… The second part of the Trotters’ dream has been undertaken in a big way. They lend their support to our local Habitat for Humanity by donating blinds, as well as to Metropolitan Ministries by being a drop off site for food and toys. Elaine saw my eyes grow bigger while I was taking copious notes. She then summed things up rather well by saying, “We’ve been embraced by our local neighborhood and feel it is important to give back to our community.” But that’s just the beginning…  

Under the larger umbrella of Budget Blinds, a division of Home Franchise Concepts (HFC), they are helping our returning veterans by partnering with Homes for Our Troops. They (and other franchisees) are donating $1 for every window covered, which over a 3-year period, will provide window coverings across the country in every HFOT home. Homes for Our Troops is a privately funded nonprofit organization that builds specially adapted, mortgage-free homes for the most severely injured Veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan post 9/11. Most of these Veterans are multiple amputees, paraplegic, quadriplegic or have suffered severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). The homes built for these Veterans will help to restore the freedom and independence that they sacrificed while serving our nation, thus enabling them to focus on family, recovery and rebuilding their lives. Wow! There even ways you can personally help, if you are so inclined… just ask and Elaine, Jim or any of their staff to fill you in on the details. This initiative follows Corporate Budget Blinds’ existing commitment to offer veteran-friendly franchise opportunities, as well. 

“Everyone needs a safe haven to feel comfortable,” Elaine noted. Budget Blinds of Greater Tampa has the express desire and the expertise to help make that a reality for your home or business. It’s no wonder that they have a steady stream of returning customers and referrals to delight anew. There are even commercial applications like Burger King, Tijuana Flats and apartment complexes like Citrus Run, near Sheldon Road) in the mix. Suffice it to say that the Trotters and their staff are equipped to handle all your window covering needs. Let them assist you the next time you want to maximize the possibilities within your home or business, “whatever the dilemma.” Hope to see you there soon! 
Budget Blinds of Greater Tampa is located 1208 W. Fletcher Ave. in Tampa. For more info please call (813) 968–5050 or visit BudgetBlinds.com/NorthTampa.

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