Take Control of Your Hearing and Your Life with the Help of Florida Medical Clinic Audiologist Jody C. Pianin, AU.D.

Published on 14 May 2015 in Business
Alexis Selby (author)

Alexis Selby


Location(s): Florida Medical Clinic Audiology
Jody C. Pianin, AU.D., Doctor of Audiology

Jody C. Pianin, AU.D., Doctor of Audiology

Hearing is an imperative part of your life, directly affecting your personal relationships, quality of life, and even your ability to go about a normal day. It is also something that is often taken for granted, that is until one experiences hearing loss, and simple things, such as talking on the phone or having a face to face conversation no longer seem so easy. 
Audiologist Jody C. Pianin, Au.D., understands just how important it is to not only address hearing loss, but to be proactive about the health of your hearing in order to help prevent hearing loss in the future, and with over 17 years experience as a Board Certified Audiologist, accompanied by a doctorate in Audiology, she has the knowledge and skills to help you with the highest level of professionalism and compassionate quality care! 

Big, bulky hearing aids are a thing of the past at Florida Medical Clinic Audiology; even the biggest, most technologically advanced hearing aid they offer is still quite compact

Big, bulky hearing aids are a thing of the past at Florida Medical Clinic Audiology; even the biggest, most technologically advanced hearing aid they offer is still quite compact

Dr. Pianin says, “Audiology is a helping profession and I treat a problem that no one wants to admit they have with solutions that are much worse in their minds than in reality. My favorite part is the pleasant surprise on my patients’ faces when they can actually hear. I have had patients brought to tears with the excitement and anticipation after putting it off for so long and finally being able to hear with their new device. Most of my patients end up saying that if they knew how great they could hear and how much it could improve their lives they would have done it a long time ago.” 
Florida Medical Clinic Audiology provides comprehensive diagnostic testing for children and adults as well as hearing aid options from basic devices all the way up to the most cutting edge technology. In addition, they carry other ear related devices, such as in -ear monitors for musicians, hearing protection for shooters and law enforcement, swim plugs, and many other types of accessories that have to do with either improving or protecting your hearing. 
Big, bulky hearing aids are a thing of the past at Florida Medical Clinic Audiology. Offering not only the most technologically advanced amplifications – including Bluetooth connectivity to your cell phone, television and other wireless devices – even the biggest hearing aid they offer is still quite compact and not to mention, even a little fashionable – coming in all sorts of colors to suit your preference. They have a variety of options and sizes for each individual budget and hearing goal. 

Florida Medical Clinic Audiology

Florida Medical Clinic Audiology

“What people think hearing aids are and what they end up being are very different; that’s what makes it fun,” says Dr. Pianin. “Many are picturing this big, ugly hearing aid, and are pleasantly surprised when they see the size of it. They end up leaving with a smile instead of the whole doom and gloom that they expected.” 
Florida Medical Clinic Audiology is leading the way for the future of hearing health and has teamed up with global hearing manufacturer Oticon to offer Brain Hearing Technology ™ – a whole new approach to hearing aids and amplifications. 
Dr. Pianin explains, “With brain hearing we are expanding the spectrum to include how each patient’s brain individually processes sound; it can be affected by age, personality, health, and numerous other factors. This allows us to customize and really provide that person’s brain with what it needs. It is a much more detailed approach that is really giving us excellent outcomes.” 
To better understand the way their brain works, each patient goes through an extensive interview process, including sound samples and questionnaires to indicate the sound preferences that best suit their individual brain, such as whether they prefer a smoother, rounder sound, or a sharper, crisper sound, or whether they would rather hear everything in their environment or be able to have an aid that helps to reduce background noise. 
“Essentially we can have 10 patients with the same audiogram, but because of their brain preferences, each of these 10 patients can have a different hearing setting based upon their brain technology,” says Dr. Pianin. 
Dr. Pianin sees patients from all across the Tampa Bay area. She says, “Patients come from all over to see me; a lot are by word of mouth. With so many options out there people come to me because they want to be sure that they are investing in a professional that is going to provide them with quality devices. Hearing healthcare is healthcare, so it is important to trust in an audiologist who has had an extensive education and has the expertise and experience to best help them; it makes more sense than just buying a widget from a store. This is your hearing; it is a big part of your life.” 
Florida Medical Clinic Audiology understands that not everyone has the upfront money to pay for a hearing aid out of pocket, which is why they work with each patient and their budget, offering affordable payment plans, including 12 months no interest financing through Care Credit. 
The clinic offers a drop off service for hearing aid repairs, with no appointment necessary. They service just about any make and model, regardless of where the devices were purchased, so if your hearing aid is in need of repair stop on by at the Wesley Chapel location. In addition, loaners are also available for those who can’t go without a device. 
So if you are ready to take control of your hearing health, contact Florida Medical Clinic Audiologist Dr. Jody Pianin today, and open the door to a new world of better hearing! 
Your neighborhood Florida Medical Clinic Audiology office is located at 27634 Cashford Circle in Wesley Chapel. Their office is open Mon. – Fri. from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. For more information or to schedule an appointment please call (813) 973-8400. Additional info can be found on their website at www.FMCaudiology.com.

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  • Jody C. Pianin, AU.D., Doctor of Audiology
  • Big, bulky hearing aids are a thing of the past at Florida Medical Clinic Audiology; even the biggest, most technologically advanced hearing aid they offer is still quite compact
  • Florida Medical Clinic Audiology

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