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Published on 14 August 2015 in Business
Farrell Air Conditioning

Farrell Air Conditioning

Nothing feels better underfoot than truly clean floors and who doesn’t love the freshness and renewed life of thoroughly cleaned upholstery! With Farrell Carpet Cleaning at your service, you will feel like you have new carpet, tile and upholstery! Farrell Carpet Cleaning is licensed and insured and can handle everything from the aftermath of party spills to cleaning the flooring of large commercial buildings. Like the other Team Farrell companies, Farrell Carpet Cleaning is committed to maintaining its great reputation and building a business based on referrals and repeat customers. 
All technicians at Farrell Carpet Cleaning are trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), which is an internationally recognized organization that sets the industry standard worldwide. Farrell’s technicians are certified in carpet and upholstery cleaning, water and flood restoration, odor control, and tile and stone cleaning. Through their training and certification, the professionals at Farrell Carpet Cleaning know how to properly care for and protect flooring and fabrics of all types. The company even cleans Oriental rugs, which are taken off-site for proper cleaning and drying and then they are protectively wrapped and delivered safely back home to you. 
Farrell Carpet Cleaning wants to make your life easier by providing the services that you need. An online tool on the website,, allows you to choose from a menu of services, get a quote and set up an appointment with a technician. 

One Call Can Do it All with Team Farrell! 

Ms Twister Maid Service

Ms Twister Maid Service

Farrell Carpet Cleaning is just one part of the group of companies that make up Team Farrell. 
“We want to be the sole source provider for customers,” says Farrell Carpet and Tile Cleaning COO Tom Persinger. “From building and roofing, to AC, electrical, plumbing, to maintenance and maid services, we want to be the one company that does it all for our customers.” 
With a fleet of more than 60 vehicles, Team Farrell services customers throughout the Tampa Bay Area. You may think that to maintain your home or office in all needs – from large-scale building and remodeling projects, to air conditioning and heating needs, and from tile, carpet and upholstery cleaning to a weekly or biweekly cleaning and landscaping/lawn service – you would need a list of numbers for a lot of different companies, right? Not with the Farrell companies. Team Farrell truly does it all and is proud to be accredited with the Better Business Bureau and advertises its rave reviews from Angie’s List and Home Advisor. 
Already well-known throughout Tampa Bay for stellar service as a roofing, building and remodeling contractor and as a home maintenance and service provider with Farrell Roofing and Farrell Home Services, the growing Port Richey based company has recently added more professional members to its team and new service companies including: Farrell Carpet and Tile Cleaning, Farrell Outdoor Services and Farrell Air Conditioning, as well as Ms. Twister, which focuses on providing residential and commercial cleaning services. Another division, Farrell Rescue, is there for customers to help with fire, water or mold damage. 

Meet the Leaders of Team Farrell 

Tom and Jill Persinger are not only dedicated to providing their clients with the highest level of quality customer service, but are also committed to building a better community!

Tom and Jill Persinger are not only dedicated to providing their clients with the highest level of quality customer service, but are also committed to building a better community!

Team Farrell started with one focus – roofing. A roofing contractor, Steve Farrell had a strong work ethic and an even stronger commitment to have things done right and with his wife Tina at the helm, Farrell Roofing was founded in 2006. With the Farrells in charge of providing the type of stellar services that they’d want for themselves, the company quickly became successful, and their customers began requesting more services. In 2011, contractor Rich Allen joined Team Farrell with a focus on Farrell Home Services. More recently, Tom and Jill Persinger joined Team Farrell. The Persingers were first neighbors of the Farrells and then customers. Chatting one day, Tom mentioned wanting to do something with the blank canvas of his and Jill’s vast front yard. He had the right neighbor in Farrell! “I’ve got a team of people,” said Steve. With Team Farrell on the job, the Persinger’s yard now features a man-made pond, fountains, and a stone bridge perfect for hanging out with the neighbors! 
Jill and Tom both had career backgrounds that were a good fit for the services that the Farrell companies wanted to add. Jill is a Florida State University graduate with a degree in Marketing. After graduating, she immediately went to work in sales for a large commercial janitorial company. She worked her way up to the position of senior vice president with the company. Now, Jill is co-owner with Tina Farrell of Farrell Carpet and Tile Cleaning, and she is one of the owners of Ms. Twister, along with her husband Tom, Tina Farrell, and Sophie Anastassiou. Tom Persinger knows a lot about managing teams to provide great service. His background includes being VP of Operations for 38 school districts in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, before becoming COO of Atlanta-based One Source Facility Services. Steve Farrell and Tom Persinger are partners in Farrell Air Conditioning. 
Team Farrell not only is committed to providing for every home maintenance need of its customers; the company is committed to building a better community. Farrell Home Services and its sister companies support more than 40 Tampa Bay Area charities. More than that, if you use Ms. Twister cleaning services for anything from a one-time cleaning to weekly or bi-weekly cleaning, you can feel good knowing that Ms. Twister donates a portion of its profits from every job to support local Pasco County breast cancer programs. Ms. Twister is currently installing a special program where they will offer free cleaning for patients who are undergoing breast cancer treatment. 
For a sparkling clean carpet, tile and upholstery, and stellar customer service, call Farrell Carpet Cleaning at (727) 772-7553 (SPARKLE) or log on to Farrell Carpet Cleaning is located at 6840-B Commerce Avenue in Port Richey. Log on to for more information about other Farrell companies.

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  • Tom and Jill Persinger are not only dedicated to providing their clients with the highest level of quality customer service, but are also committed to building a better community!

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