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“Porter Home Care Services”


Many of our readers know that in our business features we make sure to give a testimonial of our personal experience with that business we are talking about. Our business features are meant to serve as a way for these business owners to tell their story and reach the members of this community as well as give us the opportunity to refer their services to you. Porter Home Care Services will be getting their feature article in our October edition but I wanted to take this opportunity to refer them to you right now!


My Wife Carla and I have been through a lot in the past few months, between her Father’s unexpected passing while he was visiting us from Venezuela, helping her mother get situated here, and planning our wedding, all while juggling our 7 magazine deadlines. Needless to say, we haven’t had much time to do housework.


Luckily, Milagro “Milly” Porter is in my Wednesday morning BNI networking group and after hearing a few of our members rave about her services I decided to give her a shot. I’ll be honest; our condo is modest and only around 1,000 square feet but it can get out of order rather quickly and it’s noticeable when there’s not much space.


I booked with Milly on a Monday and she fit me in her schedule by Wednesday! When Carla and I came home that evening after a long day at the office we walked through the front door brimming with excitement because we know our condo was going to look great! The first thing we noticed was the house literally smelled clean! Everything was immaculate and tidy as well. Our place looked like a show home. Even all of our hair products and my collection of colognes on my bathroom counter were organized. The kitchen looked spotless and our floors shined! We are very happy with Porter Home Care and will continue to use them for a long time to come!    



First in Property Management – Putting The Members Of Our Community FIRST!

First in Property Management is owned and operated by Michelle Pentifallo, a licensed Real Estate Broker. She’s local! She lives, works and enjoys spending time with her family and friends in our community. Her business is her reputation in the New Tampa/ Wesley chapel area, and the reputation of First in Property Management is one of professionalism and class.

Reflections on a Wesley Chapel Rotary team trip to Honduras

Hiking through the mountain hills on a very small path. Drips of sweat draining down my face. Stopping to catch my breath….. Entering through a small door into a mud hut… mud floors. Why am I coming up on my 8th trip to Honduras?

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Fall means King Mackerel

September is still a very hot month in our area of Florida but with that being said, the water temperatures start to come down slightly and that means King Mackerel will be flooding our waters anytime. By the end of the month, the King and Spanish Mackerel, will show up in large numbers as they make their migration through our area well into November. Fall is my favorite time of year to troll the reefs and hardbottom off Clearwater, and the King Mackerel is exactly why.

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“I want people to know that we’re here to help everyone, we do sincerely care about our customers, and that no job is too small,” said Bob Dalles, president. (Bob The Computer Guy & Associates Inc./Nicole Dalles)

TECH TALK With Bob The Computer Guy By Bob Dalles

Today's Topic: Choosing the Right Printer - Part 2

Greetings Friends… Last time we were talking about determining printer needs by looking at color vs. monochrome; the different types of paper sizes you need to accommodate; and the number of pages you need to print.  If you need to print to any other kind of printer beyond a laser or inkjet, then you need to consult one-on-one with an IT Professional to help you review all the details of your needs.  These other printer types can be very expensive when it comes to the printer itself and its consumables.

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Washington Park Village - Oldsmar’s Premiere Executive Live/Work Community

Oldsmar residents Steve and Marie Becklund have seen the area change a lot in the 40 years they’ve lived here. Now with the development of the new executive live/work community, Washington Park Village, they are excited to be a part of the city’s growth and redevelopment. “We’ve seen Oldsmar grow from a quaint town to a beautiful magnet for the area. We choose to live here originally because it was a quick drive to anywhere you wanted to go but now it has become a nucleus between Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. You can find great restaurants and entertainment here. We love it.”

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Remaining fall exam schedule: SAT: Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 2; PSAT primary date Oct 11; ACT: Oct 28, Dec 9.

     Now that school has started and most schedules have settled down, we can all take a long, relaxing breath and think about fall planning.

  Seniors and their parents are thinking about applying to colleges, the SAT and/or the ACT Exam, FASFA forms, and Bright Futures and other scholarships … on top of all the academics and activities that constantly demand attention.

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